Alexander Davidis

Our top-drawer creative artist is Alexander Davidis, a German born television director, photographer, videographer, writer and producer, living and working in New York City. (See picture above)

Leading an exhilarating career path in media arts, Davidis consistently unites cost-effective production techniques with innovative, artistic concepts, earning him a reputation as a creative visionary and resourceful powerhouse. From producing programming for Discovery and commercial spots for Saatchi & Saatchi, to creating political documentaries and broadcast programming for international audiences, Davidis oversees all aspects of TV and film production to create remarkable content.

With an expert understanding of in-demand TV content, his award-winning productions are consistently below budget, receiving high ratings, global recognition, and prime-time viewership.

His core strengths include:

  • Producing internationally acclaimed award-winning films within budget and timeline
  • Securing prime time airing around the world, earning high scores with TV Guide
  • Overcoming production obstacles, leading by example and assembling highly productive crews
  • Conceptualizing for documentaries and broadcast programming

His MA in Social and Commercial Communications is from the esteemed University of Arts in Berlin. Davidis studied Economics at the University of Essen. Renowned for his creativity and problem solving skills, his production style is characterized by reliability, budgetary appreciation, commitment to excellence and a drive for innovation. He speak both English and German and is well-versed in world cultures. Alexander Davidis is best know for his popular TV series on historic car racing: GT RACER. He is considered to be the go-to-guy if it comes to historic racing film production. The number one talent in the market.

GT Racer runs currently on Hulu